This is my first post. Art is a fairly new endeavor for me. I was the kid who was told by “everyone” that I couldn’t draw, so I’ve gone my whole life (50+ years) believing that I couldn’t, even tho my heart yearned to be able to. I’m now raising my 5-year-old b/g twin grandchildren, and while allowing my granddaughter to pursue her artistic talents, I slowly began to try it myself. I am LOVING it and have found out that art is a SKILL, not necessarily a talent! Hurray!!!

So I did Andrew’s onions from the Level 1 menu. I started with trying all 3 at once – the light, medium, and dark – then decided to focus on just the light to make it more doable. I figured out that I needed to swatch my colors since I don’t have his exact colors. And I also figured out how to draw an onion that doesn’t look like a deformed pear. So, after about 15 onions this weekend, I’ve finally been able to create these two light-colored onions. I’m kinda happy!

Ashley King

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