About Andrew

"Enjoy the moment... enjoy the process"

Andrew was born a baby, but through the ensuing years became a boy, an adolescent and then a man. Throughout all of this journey, he loved to draw and paint and right from the very beginning he could be found with pencil in his hand scribbling away to capture the ideas in his little head. Although he didn’t start out his career as a painter (after his failed attempt to become the Prime Minister, then a  trapeeze artist), he had always felt an urge to paint and draw, so finally took the plunge and dived in to the heady world of painting!

He started his career as a botanical illustrator, producing very fine detailed work for publishers throughout the world. He also delved in to the exciting and fun world of children’s book illustration, working for several years with Enid Blyton’s daughter on her mother’s creation Noddy.

It was only fairly recently that Andrew looked for a new journey to undertake, and discovered the beauty and inspiration of loose watercolours. It wasn’t an easy transition, having painted in such a tight manner for so long, but he took up the challenge of this fantastic and rewarding style of painting, learning from the very beginning whilst having to throw off his old style of painting.

After several months of trial and error (mainly error), he suddenly found he could paint in the way that brought him the most joy. So now, having developed his unique and simplistic method of becoming loose in watercolours, it gives him great pleasure to offer this simple approach to so many people. His approach is to enjoy the journey that watercolour painting brings and to love every moment!

 This site is designed specifically to help you get loose in your painting, and to allow you to enjoy the thrill and excitement of this approach to loose watercolours! I wish you luck in your journey, and don’t worry! I’m here to help you every step of the way and to help you get to where you want to be in your art !

Good luck,


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I love to paint in a loose impressionistic style and I’d love to
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I used to be so tight… but now I’m so loose!

Simple Equipment is best!

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