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Bauble Boogie

Level 1 Beginner

Scamp: 01m 19s

Drawing: 03m 12s

Painting: 04m 58s

Duration: 15m 52s


Brushes you require:

Miss Rigger

Dangerous Dave

Big Brian





Paints you require:

Gold Ochre (artist quality)

Cerulean Blue (student quality)

Ultramarine Blue (student quality)

Cadmium Red (student quality)

Cadmium Orange (student quality)

Indian Red (student quality)

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Loose Testimonials


I love to watch you paint…it comes forward like from a beautiful misty memory….Maybe someday I will be able to do it…Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.


Love your style. Amazed how you bring such beauty from some swathes on a paper.

Janet Lundgren

Carole Jurack

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Carole Jurack


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