• Bustling Blossoms

    See how effective a simple loose approach

    can be, no tree just relax and enjoy the painting

    unfold before your very eyes!

    Check out the full tutorial here:


  •  Simple beauty is created with out tree and worry

    Just delicate brush moves allow the paint to guide

    you and take you on your own special journey…enjoy!

  • We have a great new beginners tutorials for you to

    jump into and get washed away with he lovely

    looseness! Drop by the Loose Beginners section in

    the Academy today!

  • A fun New Tutorial ‘Golden Sunset’ has just landed

    in the Loose Academy!

    Take a look at Golden Sunset and enjoy following

    along with your loose fun approach …and have fun always!

  • A timely seasonal them can offer us

    a simple technique to add the fruits

    the the tree.

    With this apple tree i made the area quite liquid

    over and around the tree then screwed up

    a ball of kitchen

  • When you arrive in a beautiful place its easy to be

    overwhelmed by the scale and beauty of the surroundings.

    Try and carry a check list of things to do to achieve you goal

    in staying loose:



  • Falling berries are a great image to capture

    allowing the direction of the brush stokes to

    guide the flow of the branches gives structure

    to the image, just run Miss Rigger through

    the wet paint and it

  • Admin wrote a new post, Fruit Life 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    A little still life from a classic fruit bowl mix

    Great images can be created from simple  everyday

    objects to look close to home for your inspiration!

  • Admin replied to the topic Tutorial colours in the forum Tutorials 1 month ago

    Hi Cath, thanks for your question and no it doesn’t matter to much if you don’t have the same colours, I would say just use the nearest colours you have to the ones suggested. A good way to think about your colours is choose a light and dark tone of each colour ie light and dark yellow, green ect and also choose colours that your personally love…[Read more]

  • Admin wrote a new post, Garden View 1 month ago

    Welcome to our 1st painting taken from a new and exciting challenge ‘Summer Sun’. Our painting in the Live Broadcast area is taken from a great image sent in by Viv Walklet (Thank you Viv) and features a simple

  • When you have the good fortune to visit a country, a city, a place

    we can bring back our memories in many ways be it photos, writings

    or a painting. I feel when you create in the place it means so much

  • Admin posted a new activity comment 2 months ago

    We will check to see what is the issue for you thanks for letting us know

  • We will check to see what is the issue for you thanks for letting us know

  • This little piece happened out of know where

    I found one Pink bud and developed it then another

    …and another and it grew organically .

    The main structure are direction lines to guide the eye


  • A scene of pure calm, just to drift away.

    A simple scene can sum up so many thoughts

    which is a great gift for everyone.

    Your painting starts long before the paint hits

    the paper its starts with your

  • An idea turned into a joy

    Just like flowers it grew and turned beautiful

    Simple things bring the most pleasure …

    So go on give it a go you may just love it

  • Looseness can be delivered in various forms, delicate and light or heavy and brooding.

    Choose the mood to suit the subject and the feeling your

    want to evoke. This painting was of a local entrance and was my

  • Be inspired every time your journey, take a sketchbook a nice one to make it special, take photos from different angles not just straight on your trying to gather information on how to create your painting and

  • When you want to paint and your not sure of a subject just

    paint something you know and are familiar with, this will kick

    start your mood and give you confidence for a new project.


    It will also a

  • All that you see is not always the way to interpret your paintings especially in a loose way. Try to think of the end painting that you want to capture and use the real life scene a just scaffolding for your work.

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