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    I love the idea of a community forum as we are learning to paint in a loose manner. I think it would be nice to know where the loose painters live. Countries or states or cities could be shared by those who choose to share. I am Marsha from Little Rock, Arkansas! I love seeing every ones efforts in the gallery.


    I agree it would be nice to know where people come from. I live in the south of England on the Surrey/Sussex border. I too love seeing everyone’s paintings and I am loving the tutorials. Best wishes June


    Hello, I am called Sabine and live in the capital of Germany, in Berlin, so English isn’t my mothertongue.
    Since a couple of years I take regular lessons to learn different techniques in drawing and painting with different materials (e.g. acryl, egg tempera, ink, pencils, woodcuts, stencils, monotypes, …). I always had much respect working with watercolours. The results didn’t make me happy. 🙂 So I am really glad, I found Andrews tutorials on youtube, because that is the style of watercolour painting, I am looking for. It is nice to be a member of this community and see the good progress of everyone. So let us have fun!


    Hello, I am Ingrid, from Belgium but we have been living in Spain for the last 9 years. I learned to draw but painting still is a work in progress so I am very excited to have found this site. Posted my first try today and enjoyed exploring the galleries and see what everybody is making.


    I live in Southern California. I’ve only been painting about a year but I love it!!


    Hey, What’s going on? No posts in 2019. Am I all alone?
    Anybody there?


    No, you’re not alone. I’m here in 2019. Wendy from Niagara Falls Canada. Only painting about a yearish (that means off and on and with free library classes… YAY)

     Rita Morris

    Hi I have just joint the site thought it would be nice to try loose painting make a nice change from Botanical Art.I am from England in Lincolnshire


    Hi Rita welcome along and thank you for joining us!
    I have sent you an invite to join the Members facebook group also so take a look on there too
    Any question just ask a way
    Take care

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