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    I am using Arches 140 cold press paper. After I apply the water and add paint, the pigment blooms quite quickly and looks like distinct capillaries. It feels really out of control as I don’t get the soft foggy look like Andrew does. suggestions?


    Hi I tend to use Hanhamule paper 140lbs cp not, if you take a look at the tips and techniques area you will find a simple run through of how to gauge the absorbency of your paper. I personally find archers a little more difficult to work with, it gives great strength in holding the colour tone but does remind wet for longer which in turn makes you slow the painting process down and in turn areas dry. Test out different papers and try lesser quality papers too the best doesn’t also equate to working the best in a lose style.

    Lorna Burgess

    Andrew, on the picture of the 3 roses you wet half a rose bud then put gold ochre down, then you put an orange down and they just barely blended together. When I do that they just go ballistic and instantly blend and become one mass of yellowy orange. What am I doing wrong?


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    Hi Lorna, thanks for your question, it sounds like to much water to start with, I would experiement on scape paper by placing down your normal amount of water then see what happens then do it again and reduce the amount of water you initially use. Also you may be dropping all of your 2 colours directly into the water try placing the 1st colour into the water then the 2nd more onto the dry area next to it and dragging the paint to join the water that way you have a wet colour and a semi dry colour
    Hope this helps you
    Take care

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