Simple Tulips

  1. Suzi 5 years ago

    I’ve never been to this part of your website. What size sketchbook do you recommend, Andy? I’m preparing for our trip to Paris in December 2019

  2. Author
    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Susan, your most welcome))…A feature things for traveling with your painting kit
    1) I use an A5 size sketchbook easier to travel with, get one with a solid thick cover (great as a leaning board) and spiral bound (so you don’t have to crease the pages when you turn them over)
    2) Pans are useful for painting on location either pre bought colour or I have empty wells and just fill them with my favourite colours (arts shops online or eBay)
    3) Brushes …The Loose Gang of course!
    4) Easel, I use a Loxley Devon Metal Sketching Easel around £40 they are great because they can hold the board flat
    5) A3 drawing board with a bulldog clip or two
    6) Fold away water container easy to transport
    7) You will need to put your paint in the hold on the plane so put them in several plastic bags as the pressure can make them brake and leak.
    8)…Have fun and be daring with your subjects and stand in the middle of the street….be brave!

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