The Loose Gang


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The Fabulous Loose Gang are here!

Featuring Miss Rigger, Big Brian, Dangerous Dave and Mini Dave! The awesome foursome will do everything in their power to get you loose!

The delightful Miss Rigger is a must for your loose impressionistic style! She glides across the paper with effortless ease like a Ballerina, a real joy to work with!

Big Brian is charming and the workhorse of the group, he covers large areas without leaving a tell-tale pointy end and his specially shaped  to keep you loose.

Dangerous Dave, dangerous by name and dangerous by nature! You benefit from his fabulous slanted hair-do, he can cover wide areas as well as delicate work all within the one great brush!

Mini Dave is the smaller cousin of Dangerous Dave, brilliant coverage for smaller areas, fabulous lifting off abilities and great simple line-work he’s a must have guy!.

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