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    Can anybody tell me what tablet you use to view the tutorials please. Mine isn’t compatible and I really want to get back to painting with Andy in my studio. Thanks!


    Hi Cburtt,
    Did you get a answer to your question? I’m not sure what you mean that your tablet isn’t compatible? Can you get on the internet with it? I use either my ipad mini, my iphone or my PC to watch.
    Sue B


    My ipad won’t display the videos..often says page not available. I can stream YouTube videos on there with no problem. It’s a bigger ipad about 3 or 4 years old. Now and then I can stream but not always, and it’s often very slow and cuts out. I’m just so frustrated! Thanks.


    Okay. I’m going to ask a few tedious questions. Are you using the YouTube app on the iPad? Perhaps it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled? Or the YouTube app may need an update (which you can check in the App Store). Is your internet connnection fast enough to handle the video streaming? Have you tried going to YouTube through your internet browser like google chrome or safari? Be aware that browsers need to be updated sometimes too. Forgive me if you already know this stuff. I’m not sure what you’ve tried to do to fix it already. My husband has an older iPad and it’s working okay for streaming from youtube.


    Thank you for reply!! I really appreciate it. What I meant was that I can stream on YouTube, but I can’t stream from this new website. I’ve tried decreasing the resolution and sometimes it works but it’s slow or it will just say video not available. I don’t have a desktop in my studio, just the ipad. I’m willing to buy a new kind of tablet if can be sure it will work! I can stream from YouTube no issues, but the videos I’m trying to watch are not on YouTube anymore. Thanks so much


    I forgot to ask, do you use your iPad on a high speed internet connection or the cellular network? The cellular is slower for streaming video.
    And isn’t as good for live streaming video.

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