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    The drop menu under “academy” overlaps “profile” so that when you try to select “sketchbook” within the drop menu it ignores the drop menu selection and defaults to profile. I’ve tried several times and different ways and have the same problem in each instance.


    The only way I can kinda get around this is by searching “sketchbook”. I then can access past sketchbook challenges, but not the current one.


    Hi I know the issue it depends on the gadget you are working on i.e. phone, iPad desktop ect you could try increasing or decreasing the ‘view’ which will allow more space on the drop down menus or save a link as a favourite to take you straight to the sketchbook area hope this helps and I will get more info for you Andrew


    Thanks Andrew. Using an iPad. Will try your suggestion.


    Sorry Andrew but, using an IPad that does not solve the problem. I know how hard it is to constantly have to maintain a website. I’ll be patient.


    Hi millimry, I’m not sure if this will help but have you tried using Google Chrome to open this website? It has helped me with an issue I had when viewing categories in my profile. Good luck


    Luckily I have been able to access the sketchbook feature by touching the far right lower section of the “sketchbook” menu section. As long as I can get in I’m happy.


    what is the sketchbook?? Can you explain? Thanks.


    Under the “academy” tab you get a drop menu “tutorials” and “sketchbook”. Each have video lessons I would say the sketchbook ones are less in depth. They seem to be my favorites

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