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    Hazel Smith

    Does Andrew hve them? If so, how do I access? I paint in n art room with other people.

    Diane Goodrich

    I need them as well but doesn’t look like he has them on his tutorial. I have a hard time hearing as well as with his British accent and he sort of mumbbles while he’s painting I lose most of it. I lose his paintings and his style so maybe before renewal time he will add the CC. I have sent a separate message to him so hopefully I’ll get some good news back.

    Lynn Carr-Woodward

    I have just joined as a member – initially for 1 month. I too need Captions because I’m hard of hearing. These aren’t always available – especially in the older tutorials/videos. It seems, for example, that Captions only started to become available with Andrew’s tutorials early 2023? Also, I often find that Captions aren’t always available with ‘live’ videos – but often are in the recorded versions. This maybe has something to do with the technology?
    Hope that all makes sense – hearing impairment sucks!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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