Reply To: Hi! New one here


Hi Everybody, I’m Sandra and also a Newbie. I live in Kent in England. I am so thrilled to have found Andrew and all of you. I have arthritis and was finding it very difficult to paint in my usual detailed, tight style as I can no longer keep within the lines and my marks tend to do their own thing . I almost gave up painting.
As a last resort I searched Google for Loose Painting Tutorials (I always wanted to be a loose painter but find it difficult to break away from tight detail). I have to adapt my brushes so I can hold them but Big Brian and Dangerous Dave are a joy for me with their fat handles, Mini Dave and Miss Rigger I have adapted.
I am so excited to be on this new journey of discovery with you all. I have completed Beginner Videos 1-5, Next Steps and Tips + Techniques and have already learned sooo much. Raring to go!!

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