One Small Step

It’s your time to get loose!

One Small Step

Level 2 Intermediate

Scamp: 1m 36s
Drawing: 5m 03s
Painting: 8m 09s
Total Duration: 27m 17s

Little gems of flowers draping down over a bed of green leaves, really sets them off. A repeat pattern is always good but vary the positioning of the flower heads…and enjoy the process!

Brushes you require:

Miss Rigger

Dangerous Dave


Paints you require:

Cerulean Blue (s)

Sap Green (s)

Perylene Green (a)

Indian Red (s)

Perylene Violet (a)

Cadmium Red(s)

Alizarin Crimson (s)

Windsor Violet (a)

Intense Blue (s)


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