Ladybirds & Friends

It’s your time to get loose!

Ladybirds & Friends

Level 2 Intermediate

Scamp: 0m 46s

Drawing: 4m 34s

Painting: 6m 29s

Total Duration: 28m 51s

As summer arrives and the beauty of nature reveals itself, ladybirds, bees and a whole manner of little guys join in for the moments that make memories. Enjoy your summer journey now and always…and have fun too!

Brushes you require:

Miss Rigger

Big Brian

Dangerous Dave

Mini Dave


Paints you require:

 Royal Blue/Cerulean Blue (s)

Lemon Yellow (s)

Cadmium Orange (s)

Cadmium Red (s)

Magenta (a)

Turquoise (a)

Sap Green (s)

Perylene Green (a)

Mauve (s)

Indian Red (s)

Indigo (s)

Sepia (s)


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