• valeriepickles47 posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hello …I was thinking …as I sometimes do …..a thought came to mind …about giving a theme …as on doodles but without giving a star painter award …keep the star painter one but a page where some do not feel intimidated to post a theme .or a post on facebook . Of a theme and give chance to people to post away …
    What say thee …

    • Love it Valerie, it would be great for everyone to post their work and l understand they maybe a little nervous of being in the spot light…any more thought on this I’m all ears…well two anyway😊

      • To continue …the sketchbooks are GREAT ….as are all the tutorials …
        Posting a theme will also relieve some of your time ….and give people chance to express their talents more freely …and without being judged . OK going to stop thinking for today ….thank you for listening Andy


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