2.Tips & Techniques Set Up & Brush Use

It’s your time to get loose!

Loose Beginners

2. Tips & Techniques Set Up & Brush Use

Welcome: 0m 16s
Paper: 0m 45s
Brushes: 2m 25s
Tissue: 3m 21s
Water: 4m 56s
Paper: 5m 46s
Water: 4m 00s
Pencil: 4m 34s
Paints: 4m 53s
Pallet: 5m 25s
Set Up Pallet: 6m 02s
Set Up: 9m 35s
Picking Up Paint: 9m 55s
Thickness of Paint: 11m 00s
Using Brushes: 11m 20s
Splatter: 19m 30s
Full: 22m 12s

Welcome to your 2nd beginners tips & techniques tutorial! This will give you a great overview of the setting up your equipment & also how we use our loose paint brushes , so sit back and enjoy!

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